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Mad Men…PR… Ads… The Business of Branding

While I am a major fan of Mad Men, no matter what- I feel that this season (specifically) has been so much more relevant to PR and to our office dynamics than ever before. The writers even dedicated an entire episode to the business of public relations.

Mad Men Episode- Public Relations

Other parts that strike home are the loss of Lucky Strike

(what publicist can’t relate to the loss of a big client – and the incapacity of signing new business afterwards), the constant struggle to do your best and come up with the brightest ideas (and wish that one day you’ll create an unbelievable campaign for a client that will put you up for some snazzy award) and the challenges that arise within a small business – among others.

While watching the episodes week after week, I started thinking of branding- and everything that goes with it. These days it’s not enough to just create a cool PR campaign- that campaign has to, in turn, immediately create ROI. Without this last element, clients will not stay on and will definitely not be happy. It’s not enough to come up with an ingenious marketing strategy- you have to really hone in on your demographics, relate to them and make them appreciate and buy the product(s) you’re selling (more than once- preferably forever). And finally it is not enough to just generate a good number of results in a single area of expertise (be it in press placements, brand awareness numbers, word-of-mouth programs and so on) – it really comes down to taking a brand from the ground up – working every possible angle, morphing yourself into a salesperson, publicist, ad exec and so on – until you blanket every corner of the marketplace.

That’s what we’re working on these days. We’re no longer just publicists getting great media placements like the Wall Street Journal, Self, Lucky, and other A-list publications – we’re putting up trade shows in NY for our client Ecogear we’re working closely with private sale sites like Gilt and Ideeli to generate more revenue sources for our clients and ultimately we become brand advocates – we integrate our team inside the client’s organization and we advise on everything from web design and blogging to product development and retail outreach.

And honestly- this is what I love about my job! I love the fact that I can look at a brand, check out their site, their press, their outreach and say – I had something to do with this.