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Still The Greatest African American Leader of All Time…

The beginning of this week marked the 25th anniversary of Martin Luther King Day, and in honor of the most iconic and heroic activist and leader for the Civil Rights Movement that the world has ever known I wanted to mention a great article I came across on USA Today that lists the 25 most influential African American leaders of all time.

According to a panel of experts assembled by TheGrio.com, which describes itself as “a web site devoted to the news, opinions and contributions of black people in America and across the world,” Martin Luther King Jr. holds the top spot, followed by the nation’s first African American president Barack Obama, and historic intellectual leader of the black community in America W.E.B Du Bois in third. Take a look at the top ten below, as well as all 25 historic leaders here. How inspiring it is to see the many forms that African American leadership has taken over the decades and the rising path it continues on today, the product of one man’s DREAM long ago…

1. Martin Luther King Jr.
2. Barack Obama
3. W.E.B. Du Bois
4. Thurgood Marshall
5. Malcolm X
6. Frederick Douglass
7. Harriet Tubman
8. Rosa Parks
9. Ida B. Wells-Barnett
10. Ella Baker