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Happy Monday

I wake up every morning to a text from my mother. I think most of the time she forgets about the three hour time difference. For the past three weeks (ever since my arrival to the sunny city of Los Angeles to work with a PR agency) she has been sending me pictures upon videos of the record breaking snowfall that we’ve received on the east coast.
Her message was a little late this morning. I received it after I got the chance to check the morning news. Interestingly enough the picture my mother sent me from my house frighteningly resembled the picture on the homepage of cnn.com (posted below).

While this pleasant warm spell is seeing us out of January here in LA, the east coast is experiencing one of the worst winters in 20 years. With a record of over 54″ of snow on the ground in Connecticut, I find that I need to keep myself in check when I say “it’s cold,” at 60 degrees. I hope this brightens your Monday. Enjoy the sunshine!