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Twitter Lessons From Marc Jacobs

Last Friday night, in the middle of the night, this public relations agency learned a valuable lesson in Tweeting courtesy of Marc Jacobs – not only is WHAT you tweet important, but also, WHO is tweeting for you. Around midnight on that night the next in a row of what seems to be more casually-occurring Twitter hacks occurred to the official Twitter account of Marc Jacobs (@MarcJacobsIntl). In this case, an “unnamed intern” who had been put in charge of the social media for the brand (in the interim of finding a full time employee) went on a rampage taking jabs at the brand’s CEO Robert Duffy. While these tweets warned off future employees and called Duffy a tyrant, they were not (overall) as scandalous or stupid as previous hacks on other accounts have been.

While the tweets will soon be forgotten and will probably increase the number of followers due to press coverage ( I will admit I only followed the brand after I read about the incident on the New York Times blog The Cut), this instance does touch on an important issue that is often not stressed enough… the Twitter-er is just as important as the Tweet. Often times brands realize the importance of creating a presence in the social networking sphere, but do not put much thought into the person (or people) who will be handling this very specific task for them. Anyone taking on this role must be trained in etiquette, well versed and knowledgeable about the brand, and most importantly, trustworthy.

While putting a random intern who does not like the CEO in charge of Twitter for a international brand does not seem like a good idea, I’m sure the people at Marc Jacobs are satisfied knowing that this individual will never work in fashion again (and he/she knows it).

x Monica