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The Commercial That Made an LA Publicist Cry

Now while I may cry easily in movies or during every single Grey’s Anatomy episode, one thing that has never made me emotional was a commercial.  Commercials tend to be the annoying three minutes between the best scenes of my favorite TV show (currently Happy Endings).  One commercial has changed my mind, made me put down the remote and use a tissue.

I was watching this week’s Glee episode “Rumours” a few days late.  Since the LA publicist is a multitasker, I was also on the computer, on my Blackberry checking in with the pr agency peeps and painting my nails so I forgot that I could fast forward through the commercials.  During the first commercial break, this came on. I looked up, I rewinded and I cried.

Glee has become a voice for all those who are afraid to show their true colors (shout out to Cyndi Lauper). For those who get bullied, made fun of, teased or beat up because of who they are, Glee is one hour of salvation each week. For all those reasons, it was the perfect platform for Google Chrome to show the power of the internet with the example of the It Gets Better Project.  For those of you who are unfamiliar, the It Gets Better Project is a movement that has generated thousands of uplifting videos that give hope to teens. Celebrities, President Obama and every day people have posted videos telling others that “it gets better.”

It has been a while since a commercial with such a moving message has aired since usually the 30 second messages consist of scantily clad women, talking animals or beer.  This commercial took an emotional message and directed it at the correct audience to convey a very powerful message- the power of the internet. If you have 90 seconds and haven’t seen it already, take the time and watch the commercial to see what a difference one person, one internet and one phrase can make. Watch the commercial here.