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LA publicist on innovative social media campaigns

Mashable recently wrote an article entitled Behind the Scenes on 8 Innovative Social Media Campaigns and it really piqued my interest. Working for a pr agency in Los Angeles, a number of our clients ask us to monitor and update their social media pages. But running a social media campaign isn’t just about sending tweets and waiting to see what happens. It’s about targeting a specific audience and creating material that caters to your audience’s interests and engaging them. So when I came across this article, it served as inspiration for me as a LA publicist to come up with more creative ideas and tactics.

The one campaign that was most intriguing to me was the write up on The Voice. As the article states, the show was created from a Dutch show that integrated social media. Producers took it a step further by not only integrating aspects of social media, but having an online presence as the main focus, making this one of the most interactive co-viewing experiences.

I think The Voice is the beginning of an entirely new type of viewing experience. Viewers want to fully participate in their favorite shows, which is exemplified by successes like American Idol, and The Voice is an exciting platform that allows viewers to interact with the contestants and hosts. In the future, in order for TV to survive in a realm where online streaming, micro-blogging and the world of Netflix continues to grow, primetime and cable TV shows will have to navigate towards a more up-to-date format. Maybe a show that integrates QR codes in the actual episode that take you to extra scenes or commentary from the actors. Or how about a microblog scrolling below the screen, with real-time viewers commenting as the plot is unfolding. The possibilities are endless.