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Thoughts on planning an event from an Aspiring LA publicist

As I start my eighth week here at Konnect Public Relations, I’m proud to say that I’m beginning to understand not only what it takes to be an LA publicist, but what it’s like to plan an event. I had mentioned in an earlier blog that I am the Vice President of the Colorado State University Chapter of PRSSA and that I’m learning the ropes on becoming a great leader by interning at Konnect PR. It’s easy for me to say that the things I have learned form this Public Relations Agency are easy to apply to planning an event.

This summer our chapter decided to take on a challenge and host a breakfast this July in order to raise money to send some of our members to the National Conference in Orlando, Florida this fall. Having never planned an event before I was nervous as to what exactly needed to be done. However, as I settled into my role at this wonderful pr agency, I began to realize that creativity is key in planning a great event. It also does take a lot of effort to make sure you know your audience and what the correct ways of targeting that audience are.

Another great tip is that you must work with your team to make sure that all of the information is correct and that there is no miscommunication between your team and the client or vendor you are working with.

So my words of wisdom this week are that although it may take a lot of work to plan an event, it’s important to have fun and put your creative foot forward and you will pull of a rockin’ event!