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LA Publicist Good Eats – Eataly NY

Amongst the many good LA publicist duties we all perform on a daily basis, one of the things that (as tiring as it is) is my favorite thing to do is editor deskside meetings. Invaluable in a profession where relationships and connections mean everything, Konnect PR sets up multiple NY trips a year to ensure that all our staff is meeting with the people whom they connect with on the phone and through email everyday. In a recent trip that Sabina and I took to NY (recent being last week) we discovered a goldmine from Рno big surprise Рone of our favorite editor contacts. Eataly is an AMAZING combination of gourmet supermarket, restaurant, and rooftop beer garden. The size of a small Target, this place is a dream for anyone who is even remotely interested in food. Among the many little delectable bites that we tried at the end of our grueling day walking from meeting to meeting, were things like cheeses, meats and of course (Sabina’s favorite) sweets!

One of the good sweet finds that we are currently munching on in the office (in spite of all of our diets) are the Krumiri cookies. We highly recommend them! ūüôā

xx Monica