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This LA publicist's verdict is still out: JT to revamp MySpace??

Last week, the news broke that MySpace was sold for a conservative $35 million, with Justin Timberlake having an ownership stake in the company.They want to shape MySpace as a place for music lovers to share their favorite artists and listen to new music.

Working for a LA pr agency, I do have a few reservations about attempting to save MySpace. As a LA publicist, it is my job to help shape the perception of a company/brand and ultimately, get the media talking about it. But even me, who can always find a way to make the glass half full of SOMETHING, is raising my eyebrows at the possibility of revitalizing the site.

Besides the fact that MySpace is SO 1999, I’m not quite sure how the community will fit into the scope of social media in today’s times. YouTube is the king of video, LinkedIn has created a new environment for head-hunters to prey on fresh employment meat, and Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook are just…well, FACEBOOK, nuff said. Itunes and music are practically synonymous. So where does MySpace fit in?

And let’s be real: the mere name MySpace brings an immediate, gag reflex. Who even checks their MySpace??

I also understand that Justin Timberlake is a singer. Easy. However, I’m not quite sure what qualifies him as an expert at revamping a washed up social network, outside of the fact that he sings and that he’s loaded. What was on his resume that said “Yes, I am the perfect candidate for the job.” If they’re banking on him being the poster child alone, I really don’t think that’s strong enough to save the site.

It’s a job that will be a challenge, to say the least. Looking forward to how this all unfolds.