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LA Publicist on dancing and free sandwiches

This year marks Capriotti’s 35th anniversary and because of this special occasion they are giving away 35 years of free subs to one lucky winner! Yes, you heard that right, 35 YEARS!!

While working at a pr agency we are always thinking of new and exciting promotions, and Capriotti’s is doing just this! All you need to do is upload a 35 second video of you doing a CAPpy dance to Facebook, vote for your favorite winners and wait to see who the lucky person is!

Start uploading your videos on September 1st and the winner will be announced on October 5th!

Stay tuned…maybe you will see the Konnect PR team upload their CAPpy dance video!

CAPpy Dance: the sudden, primal and rhythmic exuberance one experiences after learning a visit to Capriotti’s is imminent.