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LA publicist takes a moment to appreciate the small things in life.

If you tuned into last weeks post, you know that one of our great la publicists had  informed you all of her love for  babies. And while this topic might be more relevant, as here at Konnect PR we represent  many adorable baby products…I think my love for these small creatures is just as justified.

Meet Beyonce. This little pup has no relations to the pop diva/artist, but holds the record at being the smallest puppy (and yes that is an actual iphone 3..come on people,  it wasn’t that long ago that they still existed). Beyonce is a female dachshund  born March 8th weighing in at just 1 ounce! Her story of unlikely survival has captured the attention of people all over the world, and to be honest my heart!

Don’t get me wrong parents. Your children are very cute.  Babies are precious miracles.  Your photo shop skills and capturing moments on camera  are impressive and without a doubt better than anything I could create.  But show me a picture of a tiny dog…and its over. They will win every time and ALL the time.

=) Susanne