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Interns Save Lives

Every great public relations firm knows the secret to success (besides landing a client on the front page of Time Magazine) is hiring good interns.

Between daunting media lists, scary deadlines and frustratingly long lines at Starbucks, interns working in public relations know how to conquer the most trying of situations, and should be considered an elite group in the intern world. More like super beings who have turned pulling all-nighters into an Olympic sport and have overcome life-changing obstacles such as choosing a major (thanks college!), public relations interns are prepared for anything and everything that comes their way.

Konnect-PR knows that behind every great public relations firm is an amazing  intern(s), and this summer we have had the pleasure of working with not just good but, ROCK STAR interns.

Our fabulous interns have made their way to our Los Angeles public relations firm from all over the United States including New York, Missouri, Wisconsin and Santa Barbara.

Kate, Natalie, McKinsey, Sophia, Shaina and Becky have been nothing short of amazing during their time here at Konnect-PR, and we are truly grateful for all of their hard work and dedication!

Sadly, we’ve already had to say good bye to a few, and today we say good bye to Kate who knows the way to all of our hearts at Konnect-PR by bringing us Sprinkles Cupcakes! (Note: Rock Star Intern = Bring Treats).

kates cupcakes

To all of our summer interns: no  matter how big or small the task, you have all helped in tremendous ways and we all wish you HUGE success in your future in public relations!

P.S. Please visit and bring all the cupcakes you want 😉