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PR & Social Media: Why Your Business Needs BOTH!

It is no secret that social media has taken the world by storm and that platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, have provided tremendous opportunity for brands to directly interact with their customers. But did you know that social media has also become a necessary – even critical – component of a successful PR campaign?

Here are five reasons that this PR Agency and Social Media are practically BFFs:

Traditional Media LOVES Social Media – Tell me… when was the last time you saw a newspaper, magazine, TV show, or website produce a story without throwing in a hashtag, tweet, or social media plug of their own? Traditional media EATS THIS STUFF UP and you are only doing yourself and your product a disservice by not engaging in the full PR and social game.

Celebrities – Guess who else loves social media? Celebrities! One of the major pieces of a successful PR campaign is getting a celebrity to love (and more importantly – endorse) your product. Once that relationship is established, it is crucial to have active social media channels where celebrities can “tag and share” you with their gazillions of followers.

Teasers – Social media is a great platform to “tease” your audience on product launches and company news before the PR-generated media storm.  Your loyal followers and customers will LOVE being in-the-know ahead of everyone else, and will be waiting on pins and needles for the big announcement to hit in the traditional media.

Events – Events, such as consumer and trade shows, present a great way for PR and social media to work together. Building interactive giveaways, such as a check-in promotion on social media, will build the social buzz, resulting in more consumers and media heading over to your booth.

Press Features – Publicists can work with media contacts to ensure that any brand features will be shared on the outlet’s social media pages and your brand page will be tagged. Social Media Coordinators can then take the extra step to respond, thank the outlet, retweet/share, etc. to create an even better relationship with the media contact and outlet.

Interested in adding social media management to your PR campaign? Look no further than Konnect Interactive, the social media division of Konnect PR!

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Happy Friday!

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