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3 ways to keep your product relevant all year long


One of the biggest reasons that a company chooses to hire a PR agency is to get their product featured in the media. This task isn’t always easy for us publicists, but we know it is our job to consistently sell our clients to the media day in and day out. Here are three ways this Los Angeles PR firm keeps our clients relevant in the media all year long!

1) New product launches – journalists and editors love to hear about new products and they love being the first to report on new items that hit the market! Launching a new product or service is one of the easiest ways to stay relevant in the media!

2) Calendar themes and events – With so many options for gifting throughout the year (i.e. Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Christmas) there are countless opportunities to spotlight your product in the media. Aside from these major gifting opportunities, there are other ways to maximize holiday exposure, such as “green items for St. Patrick’s Day” or “red, white, and blue products for 4th of July.”

Another way to keep your product in the face of editors is to pay attention to thematic calendar dates and/or pop-culture events. Apparel brands can maximize on seasonal fashion trend stories, while food & beverage brands can align with pop-culture stories such as “Oscar party must-haves” and “Quick and easy Super Bowl snacks.”

Bottom line – it is important to look at all aspects of your product to determine new angles for pitching your brand to the media all year long!

3) Business stories – Having trouble finding a new way to sell your product to the media? Look to your business story instead! Media always enjoys learning how new businesses were conceived or unique ways your business combats problems in the market. When you can’t seem to find the right angle for pitching your product, pitch your business instead!

There you have it! Three easy-peasy ways to keep your product and your brand relevant in the media all year long!

From our office to yours, happy Wednesday!

Xo Brandy Shuman