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Why Grammar Matters

It makes me cringe when I see it-the Facebook post or Tweet that says “your right!” or “it’s you’re life.”

There are only two forms of “your/you’re” and yet I feel like I see the wrong form about 90 percent of the time.

In public relations, proper grammar and punctuation can mean the difference between a deleted press release and a full-page article in a major magazine. The members of the media are incredibly busy-they don’t have time to decipher emails written in text-message speak and punctuated with emoticons. After all, if a public relations agency cannot take the time to proofread an email, can it be trusted to provide accurate, timely information about a client? Fortunately, this LA PR agency has its grammar down pat. However, good grammar and punctuation have gone the way of the telegram when it comes to communicating via social media. Many people feel like it’s not important-after all, I can still figure out what they meant to say, right?

For those of you reading this and thinking “grammar and punctuation don’t matter THAT much,” check out these images:


So before you send that Tweet or post that status, double check your spelling and punctuation. You may save yourself some time and embarrassment-after all, no one wants to be accused of cooking their family and dog.