Konnect Daily

Advice from the Intern


Allow me to introduce myself! My name is Emila and I’m currently working as an intern at this lovely PR agency in Los Angeles, known as Konnect PR.

I’ve been working here for one week and I already feel as if I’ve gained so much insight. I guess you never really understand public relations until you are immersed in an atmosphere where the two letters, P and R, are used in almost every other sentence spoken. As a new intern, I have found that you slowly figure out things as they come to you. Much of what you do is based on trial and error, until you find the path that gets you to what you need. I’ve decided to list 5 pieces of advice that have helped me, and hopefully help you, get prepared for any given day in the world of a public relations agency.

Be creative when thinking of keywords.

After becoming friendly with Google for a week now, I have learned the importance of using the correct keyword. Sometimes all it takes is finding the right word to find the right answer. To my surprise, I have recently found that design, style, and trend DO NOT have the same meaning.

Watch the news.

Check out news outlets and social media sites to see what breaking news or trending topics there are. See what your friends are talking about. See what the world is taking about. Public relations is a lot about being connected. There may be things happening in the world that will affect your current workload for the day. The more informed you are, the better.

Be aware of your surroundings.

It’s important to be aware of what the people around you are saying. How do people communicate with each other? How do they answer the phone? What are people talking about in the office? Before you actively work in a PR firm, it’s important to understand the inner workings of an agency. Sometimes it’s as simple as being a fly on the wall and observing the environment you are in.

Got questions? Get answers.

If you’re apprehensive or confused, ask for clarification. If you think you get it, seek confirmation that you are on the same level of understanding. Avoid giving yourself a headache and speak up when you don’t know something. Everyone was once a newcomer—no one expects you to know everything at once!

Go get your coffee.

Or tea. Or energy drink. Or any other beverage that will get you ramped up for the day—trust me, you will need it!