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LA Fun: Bachelorette Men Tell All Taping

It’s hard to live in the entertainment capital of the world, work at a Los Angeles PR agency, and not see celebrities and participate in TV tapings a couple times in your life. With that being said, I had the best day ever at the taping of The Bachelorette Men Tell All! It filmed about two weeks ago and aired last night. If you happened to catch the trailer prior to its showing, you might have gotten your first glimpse of the true star of the show, ME! My best friend and I were lucky enough to be placed in the perfect location, right behind the show’s host, Mr. Chris Harrison. Because of our prime real estate, the cameras loved us, and we ended up in every audience reaction shot

Bachelorette taping

In true Social Media Manager fashion, I took to Instagram and Twitter to express my excitement and joy. I wouldn’t be a successful part of the Konnect PR team if I didn’t live tweet the whole event and create a couple prime PicStitch Instagram posts.

Bachelorette taping

And, of course, I took a #selfie with myself! I have to make sure to keep up with the trends.

Bachelorette Taping

Have you ever been to a TV show taping? We would love to see pictures if you have!

– Taylor