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How To Combat "The Struggle"

Everybody goes through those days where they feel “the struggle is real.” How do I focus? I’m so tired. I’m in a bad mood. My energy is waning. But to combat these feelings, I’ve put together some tips for having a productive and positive work day.

Step 1: Drink something. Personally, I don’t drink caffeine, but if you do, grab a cup of coffee. If I have a nice steaming cup of tea or decaf in the morning, I feel comforted by the warmth and it helps me focus. Drinking something warm mentally prepares you for the day ahead. In fact, research shows that drinking hot beverages can even help you reduce stress!

Step 2: Choose your playlist wisely. Morning is NOT the time for all acoustic music, or the slow sounds of jazz. It’s the time to get pumped up for the day. My music of choice? 80’s rock. I’m talking Journey, Poison, Boston, Whitesnake. It wakes me up and fuels my day. After lunch, it’s time to wind down, relax and focus with mellow sounds. I’ll listen to the “Afternoon Acoustic” playlist on Spotify, or Simon & Garfunkel, Billy Joel, Sam Smith.

Step 3: Stay organized. I keep a to-do list for every single day. As I accomplish each item, I cross it off the list. As soon as someone gives me a task, I immediately jot it down. The PR industry is so busy and fast-paced all the time that it’s truly impossible to keep everything in our heads. That’s why handy dandy notebooks are the perfect solution. Take notes. Gather your thoughts. You’ve found a contact that would be perfect for your next pitch? Write his/her name down so you don’t forget.

Step 4: Visit coworkers. I like to visit my friends in other departments. I’ll walk around to get the blood flowing and I like to skip over to the Graphics and Baby Department. Not only does it make the work day more enjoyable, it’s an easy way to bounce ideas back and forth. Kylie over in baby was working on a great baby product round-up pitch. It got me thinking I should try and create more round-up pitches, be more creative. The juices don’t just flow when you’re at your desk, they flow when collaborating with coworkers.

Step 5: Look out the window! The world is beautiful. We are lucky at Konnect PR to have gorgeous views all around our office. Taking the time to “smell the flowers” and reflect on our life is important. It reminds me every day how grateful I am to be working in this incredible company with such wonderful people all around me.

I hope you can take these tips to heart and implement them in your day-to-day life.