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Research, Research, Research

A few days ago we wrote about an article PR Daily published about “bad words” we need to stop using in public relations. PR Daily also just came out with another piece that I think is also super important for publicists. The piece, titled “How to avoid journalists’ 5 worst pitching peeves,” discusses the pet peeves of journalists when receiving pitches from publicists.

One of the points that stood out to me the most was “ignoring a journalist’s or publication’s focus.” This is important. You don’t want to tarnish the reputation of yourself of your public relations firm by forgoing the research process.

If you’re set on placing your client into a certain publication, draft a list expansive enough to include writers who might cover every angle of your client. Are you pitching an entrepreneur? Find a writer who covers leaders in business and writes career profiles. Pitching the same client but for a lifestyle website? Adjust your pitch. What can your client bring to the table in terms of adding to the publication’s content?

It’s also helpful to think like a journalist. And if you actually have experience working as a reporter, all the better. How is a journalist going to react to this pitch? Will he/she want to read it? Is it something he/she will actually want to cover?

Definitely food for thought!