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Time To Get Crafty: Media Mailers

Much of the day at a busy public relations agency  is spent working at the computer, taking phone calls, or meeting with our amazing clients. We love this! However, as a self-proclaimed Pinterest addict, I do also personally love a good D.I.Y project. For this reason, I am a fan of the media mailer. In today’s culture we are so used to receiving a constant flow of information via email, text, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. However, when was the last time you received some good old-fashioned snail mail? Mailers, when timely and thoughtful, can be an awesome and fun way to showcase your client to media outlets! 


Media Mailer


Here are a few tips for media mailers from a KPR Assistant:

Step 1: It All Starts With An Idea

  • We must first start with a light-bulb idea! Why are we sending a mailer? Perhaps there is a holiday coming up that aligns with our client’s brand or there is a new product launch that would be a great fit for a particular media contact. They need to not just see an email, but have a chance to try it out for themselves!

Step 2: Make A Plan

  • Plan out all of the details. How much tissue paper do we need? Do we need bubble wrap? How many boxes? Do we have enough tape? Is there a date when the mailer needs to be delivered by? All of these little details are essential to keep track of to have a smooth media mailer timeline.

Step 3: Get Creative

  • The creative details of a mailing to the media are the most fun for me. It should be eye-catching! This means tissue paper, and personalized notes, and ribbon…oh my!

Step 4: Confirm The Deets

  • Confirm who the correct contact is to reach out to and what the best mailing address is to send to beforehand.

Step 5: FedEx Is Our Friend

  • Off they go! Your mailers are all packed and are mailed off. However, remember it’s always a good idea to make yourself a calendar alert for when they are delivered so you can follow-up to see how your contact likes their snail mail present!