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#Travelgram: Konnect Interactive’s Guide for Work Travel

Travel Konnect! We’ve been lucky to have the chance to travel with Konnect PR and Konnect Interactive to some wonderful places. Sometimes traveling for work can be stressful, but we have a couple tips to make your trip smooth and seamless!

Travel Konnect

  • Plan Ahead – If you’re leaving during the week, plan ahead and pack the weekend before. You may think there’s a ton of time between the end of the work day and when you have to catch your flight, but if you’re stressed you’re more likely to forget things!
  • Travel Comfy – We’re all for looking dapper and trendy, but your new midi skirt or tweed blazer might not be the comfiest for a long plane ride! Wear clothes you can sit in, and bring along something that will help you get comfortable in the seat – like a Cabeau Evolution pillow!
  • Check Social Media – Have some time to explore the city and see the sights in between meetings? Check out social media & search hashtags for the can’t-miss spots! You’ll get a more real-life perspective on places to visit.

Most importantly, have fun! Traveling, whether it’s for work or pleasure, is an opportunity for a new adventure!