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To Use or Not to Use

So what exactly is the best way to determine if you are illegally using someone else’s image and infringing upon their copyrights?

I ran across a great article in Hackerlife that briefly breaks down “the best way to be sure you’re legally using images online photos”.

The most interesting topic for me was “Ask and You May Receive”. Sometimes its just that simple. As a photographer I have on occasions found my images on line, in catalogs, and published in newspapers as well as magazines, all of which I never grant permission for usage. Yes, I am flattered that someone would find my work interesting enough to want to share it with their circle of friends or publish in their magazines or newspapers, but I am even more appreciative if I am asked for permission first, properly credited and or compensated for the usage.   What others may not realize, is that often times a great deal of time, effort, and expenses goes into creating all of these amazing images that we see in our everyday visual world. Have you ever thought about just how many images you see on a daily basis? Images are everywhere.   Even those pretty rose embedded prints on toilet paper that we all use or have used, started with an image. If the toilet paper company is compensated for the usage of their product , then so should the photographer. Perhaps I could have used a better example, but point taken, and fair is fair.

So the next time you ponder over whether it is ok to use an image or not, here is a chart from The Visual Communication Guy to help you along the way.

Can I use that picture?







Better yet, pull out you own camera, and let your creative juices flow. The images you take will belong to you, and you will never have to worry about a copyright issue, unless someone else uses it without your permission, then the cycle continues.

KI Team