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Color Psychology And Content Marketing

Color Psychology And Content Marketing

Color has been known to have a powerful psychological impact on a person’s behavior and decision-making. As social media specialists, it is very important to understand how we can use color to help our clients‘ content stand out. Believe it or not, color makes a huge difference on whether your audience will read your posts. It  can even change your entire message completely. When you apply color psychology in your content, customers become more attracted to your content and engage with your brand.

The reason color is so powerful is because it can change the mood of your potential customers. If you use the appropriate color(s) within your content, you can control the reactions of your audience and provoke them to certain behaviors. The infographic below, provided by CoSchedule.com, shows how each color has negative and positive emotions associated with it:

Emotions and Colors

Gender is another important factor to consider when selecting what colors to use for developing content. Check out this amazing infographic provided by Kissmetrics and learn a little more:


When visual stimulation is done correctly, it engages the viewer and creates a sense of balance in the visual experience. Therefore, create a color strategy that is cohesive with the message that you want your audience to know and feel about your brand. So lets put some color on those posts people!

Have a colorful day 🙂