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5 Surprising Facts We Learned at Social Media Week LA

5 Surprising Facts We Learned at Social Media Week LA

Konnect Agency attended Social Media Week in LA this year and experienced fascinating presentations by Instagram, Elite Daily, Chute, Buzzfeed, and Nation Geographic and speakers like Kevin Jonas, Jonathan Newman of Sweetgreen, and Bing Chen of Bing Studios. We took notes on our Twitter to help with our reporting process and found five surprising things we learned at Social Media Week.

1. 85% of videos on Facebook are watched on silent mode

Wow! 85 percent of  Facebook videos are watched on silent, meaning it’s important for brand to add subtitles to their videos. Make sure when making videos, the text is large and has a white outline to make it easier to read.


For inspiration, Huffington Post does an incredible job with their video editing and text sizing. 


2. Instagram Panorama Carousel ads

Instagram’s Director of Market Operations, Jim Squires, was asked what was the most unintended way content creators use the platform. He said some brands will use the carousel ads as a connecting panorama to tell a story with the feature.  What is a surprising way content creators use the platform? “Panorama Carousel ads” Squires  

3.  75% of Instagram’s followers are outside of the US

In the same presentation, Jim Squires shared that out of the 400 million Instagram users only 25% of them are in the United States. Some Social Media Week attendees speculated on Twitter that the rest of the users were from Spanish speaking countries , but Squires did not confirm this information.

4. Reasons Why Someone Unfollows a Brand

In the Chute’s User-Generated Content: New Data, Best Practices, And Concerns presentation – UGC search and discovery, curation, and rights management platform – raised a crucial question to users: “What would make someone unfollow a brand?” Participants said they will unfollow brands when:

  • 73% of Students (19-24): images look too much like ads
  • 58% of Early Careerists (25-30): brands post too often
  • 72% of Budding Parents (31-35): brands post too often

Brands need to make sure their images don’t look like ads and that they are not posting too often, in order to keep their Millennial followers. 

5. Instagram is the #1 Platform Brands Turn to to Source UGC

In the same presentation, Chute revealed Instagram (87%) is the #1 platform brands turn to to source User Generated Content. Followed by Facebook (72%), Twitter (54%), YouTube (13%), and Pinterest (13%).

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