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How to Successfully Re-plug After a Holiday Weekend

How to Successfully Re-plug After a Holiday Weekend

As Fourth of July weekend is upon us, it’s safe to say everyone will be sprinting to their cars at 5 on the dot this Friday afternoon ready for a long weekend of R&R with family, friends and an ice cold beer. The last thing on anyone’s mind will be answering client emails while heading to the beach.

Mentally checking out is necessary to come back to the office feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world, but you also don’t want to feel like your drowning in 2,847,178 client emails and a to-do list out the wazoo upon your return. So, how do we come back to the office without feeling an unnecessary amount of stress? There are a few steps we can take during, before and after your vacation to ensure a much smoother transition back into work life…

1. Prioritize Before

Before you leave, make a well thought-out list of what you should pay attention to first when you return. Should you focus on securing coverage for an event that’s in a week? Or should you put together that new-biz presentation for your meeting in a week and a half? Obviously both are important to some extent, but as a publicist our job is to secure press placements for clients. Get to the latter first, and focus on the admin work in the afternoon.

2. Sneak-a-Peek

While checking emails on vacation isn’t necessary by any means, don’t be afraid to glance once or twice just to make sure nothing of urgency has taken place. Just don’t let it consume your thoughts and keep you from living in the moment. Yes, taking a quick peek may harsh your Independence Day mellow a bit, but at least you will feel somewhat in the know when you head back to the office.

3. Take a walk

No matter how much we try to save ourselves the trouble of feeling overwhelmed during a vacation, sometimes we come back to our desks feeling an overwhelming amount of stress. Take a quick break and walk around the office, go outside, or grab a coffee from Philz down the street. Sometimes a mind-clearing stroll is all you need to come back to your desk feeling like you’re ready to take on the world!

4. But really, just enjoy your break

Watch the fireworks, eat a hamburger, and live in the moment.