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Our Favorite Mid-Year Foods Trends of 2017

Our Favorite Mid-Year Foods Trends of 2017

From all-kale-all-day to unicorn-colored everything, we’ve seen food trends come and go. Working at a PR and Marketing Agency, we see trends that live long and prosper, and we also see some that have their 5 minutes of fame then flop.  It’s not easy to spot the next trend coming our way, but we picked out a few of our favorites that we think are here to stay in 2017!

  1. No-Silverware Mornings

    We live in the age of “on-the-go” and schedules we can’t keep up with. Because of this, breakfast is something we rarely stop to enjoy (unless it’s a weekend brunch paired with bottomless mimosas). But who says you have to stop everything to indulge in a delicious breakfast? This is where no-silverware mornings come in. Whether your alarm didn’t go off or you need a quick fix before a big meeting, on-the-go breakfasts are the only way to go! Check out one of our favorite recipes featuring Ozery Bakery here: Healthy Cinnamon Crunch Toast Cereal
  2. Delivery

    Similar to full breakfasts taking a back seat to no-silverware mornings, it’s safe to say that cooking dinner can also be placed on low priority for most of us. Thank goodness for delivery services! You’ve got your typical pizza delivery, but no offense to our favorite greasy pizza joints, summer beach bods do not come from stuffed crust and cheesy bread.  Healthy meal delivery services have been popping up around major cities in the US, and if you haven’t used one yet, you’re missing out! Try out one of our faves here: BistroMD
  3. Purple Food

    There’s no doubt that our society LOVES color, so it comes to no surprise that purple treats are the new “it” food. Although true, it’s not enough to put food coloring on your products and call it a day. For us to place these foods into our shopping cart, they have to have a nutritional kick to it! We’re seeing more and more brands using unique ingredients to turn their products a unique color, including Attune Foods with Peace Cereal! Learn more about their purple cereal here: Peace Cereal Purple Corn Flakes 
  4. Alternative Foods

    From almond to coconut, you’ll find at least 3 different types of milk products that don’t come from cows at your local grocery store. Same goes with pasta, rice, and even meat products. Whether you have food allergies or want to try new ingredients in your meals, alternative foods are taking over both supermarkets and restaurants alike. If you’re on the hunt for a new dairy alternative, look no further than Kite Hill!
  5. Co-Snacking

    Sharing is caring, and it really can be fun! Moms have been sneaking bites of their kiddies’ food for years, but now brands are creating snacks that are made to share with both parents and children. It’s not enough to be kid-friendly, but these snacks are taking it to whole new level by incorporating healthy ingredients. Find our favorite co-snacks here: Pure Growth Organic

Whether you’re sipping on a homemade unicorn frappe or snacking on mermaid toast, there’s no doubt that these food trends are the perfect way to munch through 2017!

’til next time!