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PR Lessons Learned From the NBA Finals

PR Lessons Learned From the NBA Finals

Unless you’ve been living underneath a rock, you’ve probably heard that the Golden State Warriors just won another NBA Championship last night! As I was stress-eating my way through all of my favorite Bay Area-based bites including 4505 Chicharrones, KRAVE Jerky, Living Intention’s Superfood Popcorn, and Scharffenberger Chocolate, I realized that there are PR lessons to be learned from a game of hoops.

At a Public Relations agency, while I handle media relations directly for my clients, there are many times when I need my squad to pitch in. In basketball and in PR, team work makes the dream work. In the game, Stephan Curry and Kevin Durant worked together like MVPs to win the Finals. While they were new to playing together this year, having these two powerhouse players in sync led to a victory for Golden State. In PR, there are simply times when two is better than one. When we are working on a large scale event or a big announcement we are all-hands-on-deck, utilizing each team members strengths and media contacts to achieve our desired results. Similarly, in basketball, you need to play to your strengths. If I know that my co-worker is a genius when it comes to social media strategy, content creation, event planning, etc. I am more than happy to let them lead the charge to cumulatively come together to reach out objectives. In basketball,  fans may remember a beautiful three-point shot that flies into the basket. However, that swish would not have been feasible without players like Andre Iguodala, who sets screens to put his teammates into position. These behind-the-scenes moments in both PR and on the court make the difference knowing that your team is there to support you. We all share these wins.

Congrats to Golden State!