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Let’s Konnect – Our First Influencer Event

Let’s Konnect – Our First Influencer Event

As dawn hit Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon, our team was busy filling gift bags and packing up centerpieces for our very first influencer networking event. We filed out of the office one-by-one, arms filled with boxes stuffed with flowers, vases, and tons of goodies to share with some of the top micro-influencers in Los Angeles. Driving up to the Line Hotel, we could have never imagined how magical the night would be. We were hard at work up until the last minute, putting finishing touches on the event space as our guests started to fill The Commissary East. And the night begun!

As a top PR, digital and marketing agency, we pride ourselves in the relationships that we have built and continue building, both with clients and with the media and content creators we work with. Unlike most agencies, we foster our relationships with personable actions. To get to know some of the content creators that we’ve worked with and want to work within the Los Angeles area, we hosted an intimate event accompanied with small bites, drinks, and a lovely panel of industry leaders including Claire Collins of Gleam Futures, Sarissa Thrower of Beautycon Media, and Christina Topacio of JIG+SAW.

As the space filled with new friends, our team finally got to put faces to those that we’ve watched on social media and spoken to through countless emails. We were able to put client work to the side and get to know each content creator on a new level outside of their brand and sponsored content. And while there were countless opportunities for social shares and tons of Instagram Live Stories, the best part of the event was making new connections outside of our phones and computers.

Halfway through our event, we hosted a panel of some of the industry’s top leaders on all fronts of influencer marketing. Claire Collins of Gleam Futures spoke from the perspective of a talent manager, sharing her tips from helping some of the top content creators in the world do what they love and pursue their dreams. Sarissa Thrower of Beautycon Media provided insight on the relationship between brands and content creators, while speaking on common goals and how to reach them. And last but not least, Christina Topacio of JIG+SAW spoke from the content creator’s perspective about her business and transition into entrepreneurship. With so much beauty and talent, the panel and Q&A continued on throughout the night, and all of our attendees could not get enough of our panelists and their knowledge of the industry. We all left that night learning so much and excited to jump deeper into influencer marketing.

Suffice it to say, our “Content Creator Konnection” event was a complete success on all fronts. Our team loved getting to know some of the top micro-influencers in the digital space on a more personal level while providing insight for them to help them grow their brands. It was a beautiful night, filled with laughter, knowledge, and tons of hugs. We can proudly say that we’ve made more than just connections that night, but rather budding friendships with people we are excited to work with!

Stay tuned for our next Content Creator Konnection coming soon!