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Staying Healthy While Getting Things Done

Staying Healthy While Getting Things Done

I thought working in customer service was high stress, but it’s nothing compared to working at a public relations agency. As a publicist, you have to constantly be five steps ahead of your client and work against never ending deadlines, all while managing multiple projects such as generating awareness and RSVPs for a grand opening, establishing buzz for a limited time offer product launch and growing community outreach for multiple franchisees, just to name a few. The forever building “To Do” list for a publicist can seem overwhelming at times and tempt you to work overtime just to get ahead of the game. Naturally this level of stress will reek havoc on your health if you aren’t properly managing your stress levels. In my years of customer service and PR, I’ve learned a few things about slowing down (or speeding up) to ensure your health remains a priority and you are taking some time for self-care. Below are six simple health hacks for self-care, while still remaining a powerhouse in the office:

  1. Walk fast wherever you go. If you walk fast, your heart rate will be elevated and more blood will be flowing. You will perk up and will be able to use your brain to think creatively rather than just to keep you on task. 
  2. Switch your coffee for water. Drinking water is one of the biggest health hacks in life. Water makes up more than half of your body, so keeping hydrated is important and supports healthy skin, brain function, digestion and even mood stability. Bring a liter water bottle to work that you can drink throughout the day and remember to replenish constantly!
  3. Perform simple desk yoga positions. Yoga is known to help you relax and find your center. You will be utilizing and stretching different muscles that have been frozen in position after sitting at your desk for hours on end. Set reminders for yourself to stand up every hour, take a lap around the office, or just do some light yoga stretches right at your desk.
  4. Keep your metabolism steady. Store healthy snacks in your office drawers. We work with a lot of better-for-you food and beverage PR clients, so we always have delicious snacks on hand that benefit our bodies. Keep healthy snacks within reach helps you maintain your insulin levels before they drop, which ultimately leads to that 3pm exhaustion slump! 
  5. Take a lunch break–get outside. You need calories to stay alive, so don’t skip meals. Pick a lunch that has a variety of nutrients including proteins, carbohydrates, fats, water, vitamins and minerals that will keep you feeling energetic. My go-to is a salad with protein and all the vegetable toppings I can think of. Bonus: bringing your own lunch is healthier and cheaper–if you do so, try to eat outside or take a walk before sitting back down at your computer.
  6. Smile at your computer. This will not only help you to reduce stress, but it will also elevate your mood. You may look a little silly, but just imagine the stress hole you sometimes get into and how easily it can dissipate when your coworker tells a funny joke. Smiling can help reduce tension within your body even when you are in the pitching trenches.  

Remember you are the most important asset to your success in achieving that great placement or nailing your next presentation, so treat yourself as royalty. Stress is the biggest factor in living an unhealthy life–so finding ways to reduce your levels will keep you steps ahead.

Taylor Ruotsala