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What We Learned at This Year’s WBENC Conference

What We Learned at This Year’s WBENC Conference

Last week, Konnect went to Detroit, Michigan for the weeklong Women’s Business Enterprises National Conference and Business Fair. As a certified women-owned public relations, digital and marketing agency, we wanted to explore all that this huge conference had to offer. We met with brands we admire as well as fascinating entrepreneurs with unique stories to tell.

Below are some of our favorite moments and takeaways gathered from the speakers, the surroundings and business fair itself.

  1. Focus on the Outcome: Former Fast Company editor Robert Safian gave an inspiring keynote that reminded us, when you focus on the minutia, you miss the big picture. He is so right! No matter how bogged down you might get, always try to elevate yourself to 30,000 feet above the ground and look at the full picture. Better yet, look ahead.
  2. EVERY Impression Matters: A well-known bank had a creative “BizMobile” stationed outside the convention center where the conference was held. As marketers, we were intrigued by its massive set up. We asked tons of questions about the activation – its elements, its goals, its PR and digital support, even the build out. We were wow’d by the very comprehensive campaign designed to provide small business owners with various resources. However, what stood out to us even more than the environment they created was the enthusiasm, professionalism and authenticity of the woman who walked us through the BizMobile experience. We had a great impression of the brand’s activation, sure. But what really dazzled us was our interaction with the team member. It served as a great reminder that when you are genuinely passionate about what you do, it shines through, makes an impression and hopefully sparks a ripple effect.
  3. Network Meaningfully: We were fortunate to have an on-site booth presence at the conference. We brought our “Konnect Four” game (an oversized replica of the childhood game) and challenged fellow business owners and potential partners to play. The game allowed everyone to be at ease and let their guard down, ditch the elevator speech and just have real conversations. We got to learn so much more about the people and their businesses as we played. We found that when you mix a little competition and fun together, you set the stage for more authentic, memorable and lasting connections.

You can fill your time with lots of “things to do,” but at the end of the day, what really counts are the meaningful steps you took to move yourself or your business forward. Hopefully these insights show you how Konnect thinks about growth and purpose.

Amanda M & Carmen