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Celebrating Labor Day With Zero Labor

Celebrating Labor Day With Zero Labor

Yesterday, our Los Angeles public relations agency (along with the rest of the U.S.) enjoyed an extra day off in honor of Labor Day. While meant to celebrate the American labor movement and the contributions of workers around the country, the true meaning of Labor Day is often forgotten due to the sheer joy one experiences in having a long weekend (and rightfully so).

We at Konnect know a thing or two about labor. While we are not working in factories or doing manual labor, our public relations firm prides itself on superior service and outstanding results – both of which take hard work and time. While we are always pushing ourselves to do better and more, we also understand the value of taking time to disconnect and rest. We believe in balance, and that life outside of work provides perspective. With that in mind, as I thought about Labor Day over this long weekend while sipping a margarita by the pool, I thought about how we take time to recharge.

I personally like to recharge by traveling, indulging in my favorite shows (like Insecure and Who Is America?), spending time with my husband and dog, doing hot yoga (Y-7 is my fave) and getting a good massage.  While none of these activities will directly result in me being more wise or wealthy, they keep me sane and give me the energy I need to go back into the office and kick butt.

With that in mind, below is a sampling of some of our team’s favorite ways to recharge and disconnect:

  • “I like to go to Target by myself. #MomLife” – Brandy Shuman
  • “Wine night in my pjs with my girlfriends!” – Susie Park
  • “I love to blast my favorite music and dance around the house like I’m having my own concert. Contrary to what you may think, it’s actually very therapeutic.” – Gabby Nahle
  • “My go to activity is boxing as it allows me to “punch” the stress out of my system. While it may leave me exhausted, it helps me clear my head and feel more refreshed.” – Denisa Caldova
  • “I relax and recharge by turning my phone on “Do not disturb” mode and getting lost in The Real Housewives.” – Shelby Robinson
  • “I just bought a jade roller for my face. Hopefully that works, LOL.” – Erika Yanez
  • “SLEEP.” – Kim Le

However you recharge, we hope that you made good use of the extra day this past weekend. Happy Labor Day!

Xo, Monica