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Gearing Up for Natural Products Expo East: Tips for Successfully Prepping a Client for a Trade Show

Gearing Up for Natural Products Expo East: Tips for Successfully Prepping a Client for a Trade Show

Trade shows offer companies in specific industries a way to showcase and demonstrate their latest products and services, meet with industry leaders and capture leads from all aspects including business, media, customers and more. In addition to generating brand awareness, trade shows are a great way to appeal to a target market. Whether you are involved in a trade show as a brand or as a publicist,  it requires a lot of work before, during and after the show. With Natural Products Expo East happening this week (September 13th – 15th), Konnect Agency employees have been busy prepping to set their clients up for success. As many as 16 of Konnect Agency’s clients will be attending Expo East this year. Here are a few tips on how to successfully prep a client for a trade show.

Discuss the Trade Show with your Client

It is crucial to set up a time to discuss the trade show in all its glory. Be sure to inform a client of what they should expect, how you will help support them at the booth during the show, which press hits to focus on, if they have new updates or launches to unveil, etc. You always want to make your client know that you are prepared and available to help them through the trade show process.

Media Kits

As publicists, our job is to generate healthy buzz, positive discussion and interest around our clients’ booth/products. To be effective, a proper press release needs to be crafted that includes your clients’ booth number, specific products they are exhibiting, information on the company, the timing of the trade show and more. To gain maximum exposure, the approved press release can be distributed to the free wires and in this week’s case, the Expo East Digital press room (this houses all press releases for every company attending the trade show). Additionally, updated high-res images and line sheets are needed so the media has all the information they need at the booth.

Finalize Media List and Book Booth Appointments

Press hits and trade show booth appointments are a result of a killer media list. Depending on whether your client is a non-toxic cleaning product, paleo snack or nasal spray, vetting the media list to guarantee you are reaching out to the correct people is vital to scoring booth appointments. The goal is to get as many booth appointments as possible but since things can get a bit hectic, it may be challenging for the media to schedule specific times to say hello to your clients. Don’t fret! Always offer up general stop-by appointments so it’s convenient for the media – either way, your client will be excited that people are interested in stopping by to learn about them.


If you are supporting your client at their trade show booth, you need to be well versed in all aspects of your client and come prepared to speak to media. Additionally, there are a plethora of things that need to be shipped prior to the show so the booth is prepped. For example, the booth needs to be fully equipped with press kits, business cards, new business books, an editor recognition sheet, press books, pens & writing pads.

We look forward to seeing you at Expo East or a trade show soon!