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Implementing Change

Implementing Change

A time of change is upon us! We are two months and 17 days away from New Year’s Day when millions of resolutions will be set, but not always followed. Let’s be honest, change is hard. Regardless of whether that change is personal or professional, it’s easy to want to change but hard to follow through.

Recently I had the privilege of attending the 2018 Dreamforce summit on behalf of Konnect where I participated in a session that talked change and the palpable ways in which change can be achieved. While Salesforce isn’t a natural platform for a Public relations agency, they have several tools outside of the sales sector that really help to propel our agency within food and beverage PR. The session focused on Prosci founder Jeff Hiatt’s ADKAR model, which represents the five tangible and concrete building blocks that people need to achieve for lasting change – something we all strive for, but many times come up short. The ADKAR acronym stands for the following:

A – Awareness of the need for change

D – Desire to support and participate in change

K – Knowledge of how to change

A – Ability to demonstrate the skills and behaviors required to make the change

R – Reinforcement to sustain the change

A change I have been striving to make for some time, but haven’t yet mastered, is reducing my stress level. As I attempt to once again make this my New Year’s priority resolution (5th time’s a charm?), I will use this as the example of how I plan to utilize the ADKAR method to manage and stick to the change I would like to make.

Current   →      Transition  →    Future

↓         ↓                 ↓          ↓                  ↓

A       D              K         A                R

First, I need to asses my current situation: I’m aware (A) that I am stressed out and that I place this stress on myself. I realize that this level of stress is not good for my health, and I want to actively seek out ways in which I can minimize my stress level (D).

Second, I need to focus on the transition that will need to take place to achieve my change. While I am aware of the ways in which I can reduce my stress level, they clearly haven’t been working for me. I want to educate myself on alternative methods (K).  I will actively research a new method of stress management every week in the month of January and put those methods into use (A). I will enlist my friends/family to hold me accountable for researching and implementing a new stress minimizing method each week.

Lastly, I need to look towards the future to ensure my methods will sustain me long-term. In my research, I will look for ways to track my stress level and each week test myself to determine if the methods employed are working (R).  With hard work, I anticipate seeing a drop in my level of stress, which will ultimately propel me to continue working with the chosen methods to decrease my stress and improve my overall health.

This is all easier said than done, but if I really want to see a change, the ADKAR method is a great place to start! Happy New Year’s resolution planning!