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Top Tips to Successfully Navigate the Holiday Pitching Season

Top Tips to Successfully Navigate the Holiday Pitching Season

As we embark into the holiday season, it’s time for those of us working at a public relations agency to plan to successfully navigate the craziness of the holiday pitching season. This is the time of year where editors’ schedules become packed with holiday fun – both personally and professionally – so they may not be in office or as available as normal. To help ensure your client still lands that timely feature, we as a PR Agency have compiled a list of top tricks to help you navigate the craziness, grab the media’s attention and wow your client before the new year!

  1. Days to avoid:
    • With Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas around the corner it is key to plan out when and where to pitch your holiday-themed topics. Make sure you look up each editor before reaching out, so you know when they may be out of office celebrating with friends or family. Doing this research ahead of time shows the editor you truly care and did your homework instead of blinding sending a note that may in turn offend them. To keep it safe, normally we’d recommend halting outreach on the following: November 21 and 22, and December 24 and 25 since most offices will be closed.
  2. When to reach out:
    • Publications don’t pause posting or producing content for the holidays, so you should still reach out with timely themes during this season. As food for thought, aim to get your holiday gift guide and entertaining pitches out as early as possible and continue outreach all the way up to Christmas Eve. Sometimes, outlets will post last minute features and you may get that final win for your brand! However, make sure you are differentiating each of the holidays within your outreach so that you can hit each key day individually.
  3. Tips and tricks:
    • Some outlets bank pitch ideas for when they are short staffed during the holidays, so aim to get ideas that will work throughout the season and into the New Year out so that their team is armed with all the information they need. You never know when your client may be included in a last-minute feature thanks to that final pitch!

Overall, just remember, editorial staff members enjoy the holidays just as much as we do! Help them help you by sending over information that they can use easily without disrupting them when they may be off celebrating with loved ones!

Happy holidays,

  • Liz Duggan