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Your New Year Reboot Starts Now!

Your New Year Reboot Starts Now!

Can you believe it is almost December… and almost 2019?! With every new year comes the liberating opportunity for a fresh start. A cleaner diet, a more consistent fitness routine, better work habits and organization… the list of good intentions goes on and on! But without having a plan in place, and the proper lead time to nurture new habits, those good intentions can quickly land in the bucket of failed attempts.

No doubt you’ve heard that it takes a minimum of 21 days to create a new habit. That means if you start January 1st, it will be almost February by the time your good intentions become good habits, assuming the hustle and bustle of the new year doesn’t immediately throw you off your game. So why not use December – a time when everyone is moving a bit slower and wrapping up the year – to get a jump start on your 21 day reboot!

Get Your Professional Life In Check

As a public relations agency, our end of year looks a little different from most since we are working months ahead of time on 2019 editorial coverage and client initiatives. We are given an extra long runway to think about how to be better versions of our professional selves in the year ahead. But if you are working in a more traditional calendar year, one of the easiest ways to reboot for immediate success on January 1st is to overhaul your workspace in December! Check out this recent blog post we wrote on tidying up your physical and digital workspaces for more peace of mind and productivity.

Another easy way to get your professional life in check for 2019 is to reboot your method of tackling your To-Do list and organizing your workload. There are several apps and programs out there designed to help manage your workflow. For me, nothing works better than a simple Google Sheet broken into three tabs: my work week hours scaled down to 15 minute increments; my list of clients and their To-Do items respectively laid out underneath; and a year-long, big picture calendar of important dates and client initiatives. By constantly referencing tabs two and three, and blocking those items weekly into tab one, I am always on top of what needs to get done, when it needs to get done.

Get Your Personal Life In Check

With Konnect being a lifestyle PR agency, we live and breathe the health & wellness lifestyle that so many of our clients fall within. And we are the first to acknowledge that it takes a considerable amount of discipline, drive, and good habits to fit this lifestyle into our insanely busy work schedules. Remember how we spoke about new habits taking 21 days to create? If improved health & wellness is a goal of yours for 2019, there truly is no better time than in the month of December to learn and adopt some new tools, like food prepping on the weekends or waking up early to hit that local spin class. Not only are you setting yourself up for immediate success on January 1st, but you are also giving your body the nourishment it craves during the holiday season where cookies and cocktails abound. Double WIN!

Be Kind To Yourself

I am the first to admit that making big life changes is HARD! I have failed year over year, and that is ok. Looking back, I know that many of my failed attempts to become a better version of myself were due to poor planning and trying to make too many big changes all at once. What I’ve learned is that being kind to yourself, and forgiving yourself for not being perfect, are critical to getting back up and trying again. Take baby steps when needed, don’t bite off more than you can chew, give yourself lots of time to achieve a new goal, and above all… applaud yourself for setting good intentions!

We wish you the happiest holidays and a successful start to the new year!