Konnect Daily

One Word for the New Year

Just a few days into the new year, and I have been thinking a lot about what I want my 2019 to look like. See, I’ve never been a “resolutions” kind of person. I have always believed that if you want to do something for yourself, or others, you should do it right away. That’s probably why when I went on a keto diet at the end of November people began asking whether I was trying to get a leg up on my New Year’s resolutions when I really wasn’t. I thought it sounded like a good idea and went for it right then and there, no waiting for next year when I can do it now.

So rather than setting up goals or resolutions, I like to start the year with one word that will mark my intention for the next 365 days; a word that will keep me grounded when the road gets tough. This year though, I had to really think about what that word would be. 2019 marks Konnect’s 10-year anniversary. It feels like it was just yesterday that we opened our doors while also feeling like it’s been a very long ten years with ups and downs, wins and losses, and all the things that happen with a growing business. Because of that, I want 2019 to have a larger purpose; one that will be indicative of what Konnect will do as we enter our next decade. We are experiencing a milestone that not all companies will reach. And, you can’t do the same things you did for the past ten years and assume you will continue to succeed. Keeping all of this in mind, no ordinary word or intention will do.

At Konnect, we’ve always challenged ourselves to grow not just within the PR world, but in the bigger realm of business. We’ve implemented technologies in the past two years that companies five times our size are hesitant to touch. But we did it so that our team can have the best chance at success and the easiest time doing their job while performing at a rate higher than industry standards. We’ve become experts at creating superstar teams and explaining what we stand for and what our values are: flexibility, collaboration, integrity, positivity, passion and excellence (in no given order). We’ve grown with clients and expanded services. We’ve added offices and enhanced our presence in the cities where we work in. The list of accomplishments is long.

So, what will we do in 2019? Yes, we will continue to grow, deliver best-in-class client service, add offices, expand our offerings and increase reach. But what word will embody more? This is my conundrum. We can stay comfortable and do what we know, or I can challenge us all to be better and be more than we are today.

And then it came to me – the word that will fuel my 2019 (and therefore Konnect’s) is Perspective. Because you need perspective to find out WHO you want to be as an organization and as an individual, and not WHAT you want to be or HOW much you want to grow. You need perspective to understand WHY clients, vendors and partners do what they do and go beyond HOW they are doing it.  You need perspective to focus on what is most important. And finally, to run an organization after 10 years, you need perspective to understand where you have been, what you have learned and how you can apply those lessons to the future.

So, here’s to 10 more years for Konnect, our teams, our clients, our partners and valued relationships, and here’s to you having a year full of perspective that guides you to success in 2019!