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The New Male Power Shopper Emerges in 2019

The New Male Power Shopper Emerges in 2019

Historically, women have been the ones actively shopping and making a majority of household purchase decisions. Thus, retailers and marketers have primarily catered to women’s preferences in the customer experience. But that may change in 2019…

First Insight, a global technology company transforming how leading retailers make product investment, pricing and marketing decisions, conducted a consumer survey on shopping habits, purchase behavior and influences driving purchase decisions. According to a new report, The Arrival of the New Male Power Shopper, the results challenge many age-old gender stereotypes and indicate that men are shopping more often than women across most online and traditional retail channels as well as embracing technology for shopping and researching prices more than women.

First Insight’s findings come from two separate surveys. The consumer surveys are based on targeted samples of 1,000 respondents each and were fielded in December of 2017 and September of 2018. Here are some key takeaways from the survey results:

Men are more likely to be frequent shoppers online and on Amazon than women
When comparing the percentages of purchases men said they made online this year, male survey participants felt that 41% of their purchases were being made online, compared to male survey respondents a year ago who said about 38% percent were made online. Women, conversely, are making a smaller proportion of purchases online this year compared with last year. Women respondents reported making only 40% of their purchases online this year, down from 46% reported last year.

Additionally, 53% of men reported shopping on Amazon six or more times a month, while only 45% percent of women respondents said the same. Also, 60% of men (versus 52% of women) say that their Amazon purchases have increased in the last year.

Men are more likely than women to shop six or more times a month across most traditional retail channels
Our public relations agency was amazed to see that the data reflected a similar trend across various retail categories when evaluating consumers who shop six or more times a month including:

  • Mass department stores like Kohl’s or JC Penney – 25% of men versus only 15%
  • Luxury stores like Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Gucci, and Prada – 19% of men versus 5% of women
  • Similarly at Walmart – 41% of men versus just 35% of women
  • Off-price stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls – 24% percent of men versus 19% of women
  • Traditional specialty stores like Gap, American Eagle, Guess, Victoria’s Secret – 20% of men versus 10% of women
  • New specialty brands like Allbirds, Outdoor Voices, Warby Parker and M. Gemi – 20% of men versus 5% of women

Men are embracing technology for shopping and research more than women
Male respondents reported higher overall ownership of smart speakers. Usage of these speakers for researching product prices increased for men from 17% to 70% when compared with last year while it stayed constant for women at 46%. Further, 69%, a higher percentage of men than women, reported looking on Amazon before looking and/or buying anywhere else.

The percentage of men making mobile purchases is now nearly the same as women
The percent of men who reported “never” (less than once a month) making mobile purchases dropped significantly from 48% last year to 18% this year, and now is about equal to the percent of women who reported the same.

With this newfound information, it’s discernible that there is a significant shift in men’s shopping behaviors and men have become more active shoppers. As a result, brands, retailers and marketers should account to male shoppers’ perspectives while work to meet their expectations for products and pricing in equal measure to their female shopping counterparts.

What do you think of the survey results? Our lifestyle PR agency team would love to hear!

-Kim Le