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Konnect’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Konnect’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is officially right around the corner – wild, I know! When you work in food & beverage PR or lifestyle consumer PR, you start planning for Valentine’s Day almost four months in advance, so it’s fun when these holidays you’ve been preparing for finally roll around.

Valentine’s Day is a day for love; whether it’s with a significant other, your pets or your friends, there’s always a reason to celebrate! While most of us would be more than happy with a text and some chocolate, there’s always room to be ~extra~. These gifts will show your loved one just how much you care!

  • For the foodie:
    • Hu Products, the cult-favorite vegan and paleo brand made with “No Weird Ingredients. Ever,” is offering a limited edition executive gift box just for Valentine’s Day, featuring 6 of their incredibly indulgent chocolate bar flavors your significant other will love unwrapping! Each bar is free from dairy, palm oils, emulsifiers, soy lecithin, gluten, refined sugar, cane sugar and sugar alcohols, so your foodie lover won’t feel guilty after eating three bars in two minutes! Available online for $69.99 beginning January 21st.
  • For the outdoorsy one:
    • The Kodiak Cakes Flapjack Sampler Deluxe Gift Basket is perfect for the outdoorsy person in your life! The gift basket includes four of their iconic flapjack mixes and two Flapjack Unleashed Cups. Since a reliable flipper and quality maple syrup are essential to the perfect stack of flapjacks, the kit also includes a heat-treated spatula and tin of Parker’s Real Maple Syrup to make cooking—and eating—your preferred breakfast (or brinner) more enjoyable. Plus the basket has a Lodge single-burner cast iron grill/griddle combo and wood-handled Dexter-Russell flapjack flipper for those looking to bring the true frontier flapjack experience to their kitchen every morning.
  • For the health nut:
    • Valentine’s Day is typically about giving chocolate and sweets, but if your loved one is a total health nut, Baze has you covered. Baze Starter Kit is a fully tailored experience that combines scientific analysis with a convenient self-administered (and painless!) blood test resulting in a customized vitamin plan based on deficiencies. Baze strives to improve overall health, whether that means elevating energy levels, decreasing stress or helping with hair, skin and nails. Plus, the customized daily vitamins come in individual tear-away packs with your name on it for that extra personal touch!
  • For the travel addict:
    • Valentine’s Day lands on a Thursday this year which makes it extra enticing for people to jet-set to their favorite destination on a romantic, memorable trip. Whether you’re enjoying a getaway with your lover or spending the weekend with your girlfriends for a Galentine’s vacay, Cabeau’s line of travel pillows will keep you comfy throughout the entire trip. The S3 Evolution Travel Pillow provides the ultimate first-class upgrade with its high-quality memory foam (it literally feels like you’re sleeping on a cloud) while the high-tech seat strap system will keep your head securely in place by attaching to the plane seat wings. The high-performance, quick-dry fabric keeps you nice and cool in almost any climate, so you can get your much-needed beauty rest for your trip.
  • For the stressed-out S.O.:
    • Put a modern spin on a boring box of chocolates this month with Weller’s CBD Coconut Bites in Dark Chocolate. These coconut bites are beautifully crafted with the perfect combination of sweet taste and crunchy texture and infused with 5MG of organically grown, full spectrum CBD oil to help increase mental clarity and decrease anxiety.
  • For yourself: Because TREAT Yo’self
    • DailyLook, a premium styling experience that provides new looks tailored to your style, puts a personal touch on the fashion subscription box market. Saving you time and effort, professional full-time stylists curate every collection to fit each individual based on their body shape, preferences, and lifestyle. They just rolled out their stylist page, where you can view your stylist’s personal taste and get to know them even better! Don’t let an algorithm do your shopping, let DailyLook help you be the best version of YOU.

Happy shopping! Hope everybody has a wonderful Valentine’s Day filled with lots of love!