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The Most Important Investment You’ll Make in Your Company Is Team Building

The Most Important Investment You’ll Make in Your Company Is Team Building

Employee disengagement is a looming issue in today’s workforce, but to run a successful business, you must have a team that can collaborate and cooperates well together. Your employees are your company’s most prominent investment, and because of this, you must ensure that colleagues are motivated enough to contribute to the growing success of each other. According to research, highly engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their company. To prevent the damaging effects of disengaged employees and boost company morale, you must incorporate some aspect of employee engagement that they will actually enjoy. One way to easily invest in your team is by integrating consistent team building into the workplace.

While most people will immediately groan when they see the “Team Bonding” event in their calendar, there are numerous benefits. Despite its bad rep, team building exercises can help alleviate conflict, encourage communication, and increase collaboration. Most importantly, a team that respects each other’s contributions can make significant cognitive leaps in problem-solving or creating, especially when there is trust. Working in a fast-paced public relations agency, for instance, can be stressful juggling multiple clients, and is often disengaging when you are sitting behind a screen all day. We make team building enjoyable by doing so in a low-stake environment that incorporates new ideas with a safety net of humor. Here are a few tips to think about when developing your company’s engagement strategy.

Make It Fun. The reason team building isn’t typically viewed in the most favorable light is because it isn’t attractive to your team. Activities focused on leadership lessons tend to not resonate as powerfully with employees. Instead, lead with activities that allow you to spend time with each other, to bond organically and effectively. Find a way to share an experience out of the office or work together to reach a common goal with your team.

Get Creative. Because of flight or flight responses, people are inclined to go into “survival mode” when they feel threatened by an overwhelming task or confusing email – a harsh environment for an employee to learn. By introducing team building that is creative and involves new activities, you instill harmony within your team and help benefit business. Try exercises that are unique and will bring people out of their comfort zone, encouraging them to get to know one another. One easy and quick way to do this is by turning something seemingly mundane, such as Bingo, into a comical game that everyone can get involved in and enjoy. For instance, we did this exercise by having our team submit funny phrases or relatable lingo that any publicist could relate to and turned them into a Bingo card – the more inside jokes, the more fun!

Be Consistent. Team building isn’t just one or two activities sprinkled throughout the year. Maintaining positive company morale is key to the happiness of employees. One way we stay consistent at Konnect Agency is with our weekly good news. Every Monday and Friday we take some time in the morning to go around and tell each other what we’re excited about in life – whether it be work or personal. It’s a powerful way to learn about people and their dreams as well as motivate each other to have a successful and productive week ahead.

While it may seem silly, team building is essential to the success of any business. Your employees are the heart of your company, and without them, your foundation would collapse. Investing in your team is crucial, and it always helps to keep it fun, get creative and consistently instill trust in your employees.

What types of team building exercises do you participate in with your colleagues? Our lifestyle PR agency team would love to hear!

-Gabby Nahle