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How to Make Sure Your Employees Feel Supported, Motivated and Challenged at Work

How to Make Sure Your Employees Feel Supported, Motivated and Challenged at Work

Work Institute estimated that “42 million, or one in four, employees will leave their jobs, and nearly 77 percent, or three-fourths, of that turnover could be prevented by employers.”

It got me thinking because my workplace, Konnect Agency, has always provided its employees with an environment where you are encouraged to grow in and beyond your roles. What’s more, our leadership team understands that employee development isn’t confined to what we practice within the walls of this office — it inevitably extends to our personal lives as well.

The Harvard Review put it this way: “The best employers help us achieve our personal ‘me’ goals and dreams on the one hand, while simultaneously collaborating with us to solve more generalized ‘we’ worries about the economy, the environment, the world on the other hand.”

Here are some ways a company can help its employees with personal and professional development.


Learning does not stop when we leave the classroom or graduate from college; it continues as we keep experiencing new things, meeting new people and expanding our professional expertise. It is important for employers to understand that if they invest in their employees’ continued education, that employee will become an even stronger asset to the company. Konnect, for instance, supports employees who want to work on their public speaking skills by offering Toastmasters memberships. The idea is that a strong public speaker is not only a valuable and necessary asset to a PR agency but also a powerful tool in our everyday lives.

Working from different offices

If a business has multiple offices, this provides employees with the unique opportunity to experience different cities and cultures. Employees who are able to opt to work from different offices will be excited by the chance to travel and essentially try on a new lifestyle, while employers will benefit from a more diverse workforce with an expanded knowledge of various cities and cultures.

Team-building activities

Organizing companywide trips and team-building activities can boost the morale of employees. These are great ways for employers to show their teams they are invested in them and committed to rewarding a collaborative workforce. From organizing holiday trips to setting up happy hours or simply celebrating employee birthdays, there are a variety of big and small ways to create an office culture where people have the opportunity to make meaningful memories with their coworkers. We spend more than 2,000 hours with each other every year anyway — might as well have fun while we’re at it!

We might be in February but it is never too late to start implementing some of these practices into your day to day office life. You do not have to go all the way in and start experimenting with everything all at once. Try one thing and see how it will change the office environment and see what it will bring in terms of employee happines and productivity.

– Denisa