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An Insider’s Guide to Influencer Partnerships in 2019

An Insider’s Guide to Influencer Partnerships in 2019

Here at Konnect Agency, our social media/influencer team runs various types of influencer programs based on our clients’ goals, objectives and budgets. One way we do this is by creating tailored programs and facilitating authentic connections between brands and influencers in a meaningful way across various platforms. Everyone has influence when you think about it — what you say and do impacts the people around you. But on the larger “influencer” scale, it all boils down to content marketing and choosing the right program for the right objective. Below you will find an overview of these programs.


Not all programs are appropriate for all clients. We set proper goals for each program based on the desired outcome:

  • Looking at engagement and making sure followers interact with and trust an influencer
  • Gauging reach and making sure enough of a targeted audience will see the content
  • Understanding what story or message is important to the client (hashtags, brand messaging, overall content aesthetic)
  • Trackable links that drive traffic to the website or retailers
  • Ensuring that the influencer has brand affinity beyond likes and comments

Types of Programs:

  • Paid Influencer Programming: Strategic paid partnerships that involve contracting an influencer to support a specific campaign with key messaging, image guidelines and highly curated content.
  • Ambassador Program: Longer term programming involving a select group of influencers who support numerous brand campaigns over a longer period of time.
  • In-Kind Partnerships: Sending products and/or swag to individuals in the hopes that they will share and tag on social media. Note, in-kind and product seeding partnerships do not guarantee content creation or messaging.
  • Product Seeding: Similar to in-kind partnerships, we are gifting a targeted list of individuals the product in the hopes that they will share and tag on social media.


Each partnership is unique and original, so deliverables may vary depending on multiple factors. Some examples of partnership content includes:

  • Instagram posts: An influencer will provide us with copy/theme ideas and we work together to ensure that brand messaging and imagery reflect a sharable story for the brand
  • Instagram Stories: Instagram stories are great short-term ways to drive traffic to a website, retailer or promotion via the “Swipe-Up” feature. Influencers can give context and generate awareness for promotion through a fun and engaging video that then drives traffic directly to the desired link. These links can also be trackable to further establish ROI for the promotion
  • Giveaways: Drive traffic to a brand’s profile and encourage organic growth in followers by asking the influencer’s audience to follow your brand in order to enter the giveaway
  • Takeovers: A great way to help humanize your brand. Have an influencer “takeover” the brands profile for a day sharing fun and engaging content
  • Facebook/Instagram LIVE: Great for Q & A style conversational content
  • Blog Posts: Long-form posts that will tell a story about your brand and products. Should include multiple images and links driving to the website
  • YouTube Videos: Long-form videos perfect for brands hitting the tween/teen demo. Vloggers create custom videos that include messaging, links and generate high levels of brand awareness.

Example Partnerships:

Samples from some of our Konnect clients:

Ambassador Program: ONE Brands is partnering with lifestyle/fitness influencers for a yearlong program engaging with them in content, events and real-life experiences that humanize the brand through relationship building.

YouTube Program: Sky Zone hits their core demographic through partnering with well-known YouTubers on campaign specific projects that generate large scale awareness for promotions and events

Recipe/Themed Content: Brazi Bites partners with Instagram/bloggers who create custom Brazi Bites inspired recipes and snacks that drive brand- awareness, and sharable content for the brand on social media.

With the right influencer campaign, you can drive immediate attention to your brand, service or product. And when you’re ready to have a conversation about the tailored approach that’s perfect for your needs, we are, too.