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Spring Cleaning Guide for the PR Professional

Spring Cleaning Guide for the PR Professional

Most of us have started spring cleaning around the house but what about freshening up your office routine? At Konnect Agency, we want to continually improve our work and refresh our strategy. We thrive on learning from the past and growing toward an even more successful future. A great place to start is with a little spring cleaning. And no, we don’t mean that you should be digging out your vacuum cleaner and duster.

As a public relations agency, we work tirelessly to ensure our clients are served well and our brand and media relationships are rock solid. Doing some spring cleaning with our work helps build relationships and freshen up our efforts – because no one wants to use stale PR strategies!

Here are some easy ways PR professionals can declutter this spring:

Clean up those media lists

It may not sound like the most thrilling task, but it’s important to keep the agency up-to-date on media contacts. Spend some extra time researching new outlets and reporters to pitch to, check if your current contacts are still with the same publication and read recent articles from your contacts. Doing a media list clean up may give you and your team fresh perspective on the industry and help you thrive in your future pitching efforts.

Review current PR strategies

It’s easy to settle into a routine when a strategy works, but there’s always room for improvement! Meet with your clients and your teams to revisit those initial strategies and tactics. Is the team successful in achieving them? What can we do to grow our efforts? Even if your PR efforts are succeeding, check in with the team and think about what other tactics you could be using. Taking the time to brainstorm new ideas will show the client your passion for their brand and help the account grow.

Take a second look at social media strategy

Social media marketing is a huge part of our work and we want to put our best foot forward for our clients. Look at your client’s social media engagement and content quality to make sure it’s on par with your strategies. Like you did with your PR strategies, sit down with the client and discuss ways you can bring in some new ideas for social media. Start talking with the client about how you can make their social media flourish through the summer. Thinking ahead to the upcoming months will showcase your diligence and give you a fresh start before summer hits.

This is the best time of year to dust yourself off and re-evaluate your PR efforts. Cleaning up strategies and media lists may sound tedious when you think about every other item on your to-do list. But spending time to take a closer look will benefit the client and the public relations firm as a whole in the long run. And, as an added bonus, spring cleaning will challenge you to achieve your own professional goals and get organized for the rest of the year. So hit the ground running and get your agency in tiptop shape for spring cleaning season!