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A Publicist’s Guide to Stress-Busting

A Publicist’s Guide to Stress-Busting

The month of April marks Stress Awareness Month, meaning it’s a great time to take a step back and recognize what stress is and how we all deal with our individual stressors. The National Institute of Mental Health defines stress as “…how the brain and body respond to any demand. Every type of demand or stressor—such as exercise, work, school, major life changes, or traumatic events—can be stressful.” While people outside our industry may find it shocking, it comes as no surprise to PR professionals that we find ourselves in one of the top 10 most stressful careers, right alongside firefighters, air pilots, and police officers.

Working at a public relations agency keeps us on our toes with clients who rely on our flexibility, adaptability, and laser-focus on each and every task—from unexpected crises to the ever-changing and churning news cycle. No two days are ever the same. The thrill of each new challenge can easily become overwhelming if we don’t arm ourselves with healthy tools and methods that help us chill out and stop stressing.

So without further ado, here are some favorites for coming out stress-free and smiling…

Engage your senses. Use an essential oil diffuser and load it up with stress-busting scents. There are a number of small, desk-friendly diffusers on the market these days, that come with calming oils like lavender, grapefruit or tea tree oil. Another great option is an essential oil-infused candle.

Satisfy your cravings. Working in a food and beverage PR agency definitely has its perks, especially when it comes to our kitchen filled with better-for-you snacks. One of our favorite things to grab when we need to satisfy stress-induced munchies are The Complete Crunchy Cookies, new from Lenny and Larry’s. These are sweet, bitesize, crunchy, vegan treats that pack additional protein and fiber in every bite. Each single-serve pack provides just the right amount of tasty treats to clear your head and soothe those nerves.

Get moving! Whether you take a 10-minute walk, use a treadmill desk in the office, or sign up for your favorite Orange Theory class, each little bit of exercise helps trigger the release of feel-good endorphins. Those endorphins improve your mood, which can help you solve problems and tackle stress more effectively.

Talk it out. Reach out to a family member, friend, or therapist to discuss what is going on in your life. Talking about an issue rather than internalizing it can bring different perspectives to the table and help reach resolutions faster. Not a fan of talking? Write about what’s stressing you out in a journal or type it in your notes. Getting thoughts out of your head and onto paper can help clear your mind.

Make time for hobbies you enjoy. Have you ever heard the saying, “You can’t pour from an empty cup?” It is imperative that you set aside time to do things that truly bring you joy. When we’re not typing away or staffing calls here at Konnect Agency, you can catch us gardening, volunteering, take care of our pets, binge-watching the latest series, or heading off to an art show to recharge our batteries and keep an eye on the bigger picture.

Kick back with some CBD. Finish off a long day with a CBD treat. Some of our favorite products are from Weller. If we’re having an extra-intense day, we’ll wash down their CBD-infused Coconut Bites washed with the new CBD Sparking Water as a great post-dinner treat!

It is important to note that not all stress is bad. It can motivate you to push yourself in a healthy way, but there is a fine line between that motivational stress and the kind that can easily snowball into something bigger. In the words of Donna Meagle from the popular TV series, Parks and Recreation, don’t forget to “Treat Yo Self!”

-Amanda L.