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How the NHL/NBA Playoffs and PR Go Hand-in-Hand

How the NHL/NBA Playoffs and PR Go Hand-in-Hand

The month of May is an exciting time for sports fans around the world. After all, we just wrapped up college basketball and get to watch the elite NBA and NHL teams fight for their league’s champions throne. And while you won’t find me yelling at the screen or high-fiving my roommate on every scored point, I’m a sports fanatic – but not in the way you’d think. You see, PR and professional sports playoffs are essentially the same and that’s what excites me.

Let me break it down for you. On sports teams AND PR teams, you’ve got to have (at a bare minimum) four essential requirements: teamwork, ability to pivot, respect for the coach, and skills/passions that fit the sport.

  1. Teamwork
    • Even the word “teamwork” itself implies a team. Working with a public relations agency means you have an army of people working to meet (and exceed) a brand’s goals. With so many moving parts, communication, encouragement and a team-first attitude are essential. For example, at Konnect we specialize in product launches where we work with our client’s vendors to ensure a smooth launch day. Between our social media, content creation, influencer relations and media teams we have a lot going on, and constantly touch base so we can work fluidly with design or website vendors for a client. So to me, when that hockey puck gets touched by every player on the ice in a matter of 30 seconds, I’m reminded of the touchpoints our team has to get the job done.
  1. Think on the fly
    • Did you catch Damian Lillard’s 37-foot buzzer beater to win game 5 the series against the Thunder? It was an unbelievable shot to advance the Trailblazers forward into the NBA playoffs and ended his night with a career playoff-high 50 points. What’s more is that as Lillard ran down the court with the clock ticking down, he made an executive decision to launch the ball in the air instead of trying to run a play by passing the ball. He knew he could make the shot and gave his all for that bucket. As a food and beverage public relations firm, we too must be “ball launchers” from time to time. We’re scrappy and know how to pivot if a product isn’t ready to launch on time or if a news editor cancels an in-person meeting, or when the clock is ticking on finalizing materials for an announcement. I like to think there’s a Damian Lillard in every Konnect employee too.
  2. Respect the Coach
    • Though the players are the one who take the shots, the coaches are the ones who call them. In PR, our coaches are our clients. They drive the vision and tell us what they want the result to be. Then, as the experts, we drive the strategy and execute precisely their plan. We respect and love our clients and consider it a privilege to “play” for them every day.
  3. Inherent skill and passion for the game
    • Do you ever look on the ice or court and think “man, those guys are GOOD”? Of course! Some are as young as 18 years old, earning million-dollar contracts and are the best of the best at their game. But do you ever think and say the same thing about your coworkers? I do. Everyday the professionals I’m surrounded by push me, encourage me and motivate me to work harder and better. At Konnect, we have some of the best digital marketing, PR and social media professionals in the industry. And not only are they good at what they do, they love what they do. While we’ll never have a camera following our hustle as we sweat for the job, our love for the game always shines in our results. You can check out a few examples here.