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Don’t Call It a Comeback – Brands Have a Magazine Moment

Don’t Call It a Comeback – Brands Have a Magazine Moment

In a digital age where news is available at the click of a mouse, the opening of an app, and a quick scroll on Instagram, many have proclaimed that print is dead (or, if not dead altogether, dying off). The number of print outlets on the newsstands have seemed to shrink overnight, alongside the staff that once supported them. Freelancers are the new editorial team and digital media outlets are popping up daily.

While much of this is true, I’m here to make a case for print. Maybe it’s because I have always had a personal love for magazines. To this day, I still have a stack of magazines in my office containing some of the most prized press pieces I have been able to secure for clients over my career. To this Los Angeles public relations pro, there is something more personal about being able to read and love a story and then hold on to it. Recently my husband ordered a physical subscription to The Atlantic and the joy he has when a new issue arrives is unrivaled by anything he reads online.

Maybe I’m a romantic for printed word. Maybe I’m not alone.

According to Adweek, 134 new magazines have launched since the beginning of 2017.  While some outlets have gone completely digital, some are going against the status quo and giving their readers something to hold on to – literally.

What’s interesting about this magazine resurgence is that a healthy portion of it is thanks to brands. To anyone who works at a public relations agency, this makes perfect sense. Longing to stand out and offer an expanded platform for storytelling, magazines offer the perfect curated brand experience in which a company can offer its customers (or would be customers) added value by providing content and resources. It also offers an additional touchpoint from the website and social media platforms and can act as a physical example of the quality the brand stands for.

 With that in mind, let’s meet some of the brands having a magazine moment…

Airbnb Magazine
Spotlighting specific destinations in each issue, the magazine “celebrates humanity wherever it exists: across borders, time zones, languages, and skin tones.” I have already purchased two issues of this magazine and they greatly informed several trips that I already had planned, along with potentially influencing where I may go on a future trip.

Image courtesy of Airbnb Magazine

No Man’s Land
Put out by The Wing, this magazine aims to “capture the smart and defiant voices of Women everywhere.”  It is published bi-annually and has an accompanying podcast.

Bumble Magazine
Covering topics ranging from dating tips (duh) to self care and including in-depth features, this magazine is a joint venture between Bumble and Hearst.

Here Magazine
“Written for the way we actually travel, with stories worth sharing – for travelers, by travelers,” Here is currently on its 8th issue. Put out by influencer-loved luggage company Away, this mag offers city guides travel journals, photo essays and interviews.

Woolly Magazine
“Published and emotionally supported” by Casper, this magazine has sections including comfort, wellness, culture, feelings, sloth (my fave) and things. A recent piece is titled “Relaxing Sounds That Aren’t Rain or Whale Songs.” Woolly doesn’t seem to take itself too serious and I’m grateful.

Whatever you fancy, take a second to look up from your phone the next time you are at the check out counter at your supermarket. There might be some new titles that surprise you.