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Life Lessons We Learned From Our Mothers

It’s true that moms know best. Not only can they do it all (and make it look easy), they continually impart advice that helps shape the women and men we are today. For me, my mom instilled in me to “Work hard and be kind.” Not only were these words spoken but they were exemplified in her actions. She worked 6 days from 10am to 8pm and approached every person with a sweet disposition. In all situations through life, school and work, I lead my actions with these simple yet strong foundational values. I’m lucky to have an amazing role model who has taught me about the impact of kindness and hard work.

With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, I asked our public relations agency to share valuable life lessons they’ve learned from the wonderful women in their lives. Here’s what they said about their mom’s (and great grandma’s) inspiring words of wisdom:

“Give all or none. Otherwise, what’s the point?’

Juju has always been an extremely hard worker, whether it was her profession, being a wife/mom or being a friend. She has always felt that if you aren’t going to give your all into whatever you are doing, then don’t bother doing it because it will be a complete waste of time. Juju is quite wise. Like an owl. – Kelly Taylor Michelson

“Change can be scary, but it’s good. It gives you the ability to grow.”

What it means to me: The future can be a scary place! And even at my age, things are always changing. My mom always tells me to never fear change, because it just gives you an avenue to grow. So whenever a new obstacle comes my way, or a path may change in my personal or professional life, I always feel a bit better as I know the outcome will just result in personal growth! Embrace the change – because Rhonda said so! – Robin LaConde

“Keep your side of the street sunny.”

Piggybacking off “Keep your side of the street clean,” it’s about staying positive, picking the “right” side of the road and keep moving forward no matter what roadblocks are on the street/sidewalk. – Emma Tiernon

“Just take that break.”

Yes, it sounds simple and some may scoff at it, but life gets WAY too busy sometimes without us realizing it. When in college, my mom was my go-to person that I would talk/vent to her about my paper deadlines, the amount of studying I had to do, shifts at work, my internship, how I still needed to go to the gym that night, etc. Because of my mom, I take that break and just breathe. I’ve realized that merely sitting and breathing is pretty vital to any type of work 😊 – Celeste Joaquin

“Work hard, play hard.”

I don’t think anyone does “work hard, play hard” better than immigrant parents. When I was younger, my single mother worked long, double-shift hours to provide for us, but when school was out of session, we would go on month-long vacations. We’d travel somewhere each year: Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Shanghai, China, etc. Now as an adult, that mindset is instilled in me, and I continuously try to harmonize work and life so I’m always present at what I’m doing, where I am, and who I’m with. – Lucy Wang

“This has come to pass, not to stay.”

My great grandmother gave me this advice years ago when I broke up with a boyfriend (I thought it was the end of the world): “This has come to pass, not to stay.” Now, I always think about this no matter what situation I am in as it could apply to both work and personal. It reminds me that a problem is not permanent and I just need to relax to allow it to be solved. – Taylor Ruotsala

“Change your thinking, change your life.”

My mom has always said “Change your thinking, change your life.” A lot of times it’s easy to blame our mood/mindset on our circumstances and use that as a crutch, but this quote reminds me that I am the one in control and can make any situation into something great just by changing my mindset. – Lauren Newhouse

“Eat dessert first: life is a party and you should live it to the fullest!”

It goes to show the type of woman she was, always living in the moment not worried about what society says (since we usually eat dessert last). And to me, that just always reminds me to do what makes me happy and live life to the fullest – and just be excited about the little things, like dessert 😊 – Kuu Stanford

“There’s no use worrying about something you can’t control.”

I love this little gem from my mom as it helps remind me to not spend my energy on useless worries; and instead, focus on what I CAN change for the better. – Amanda Bialek

From our public relations firm, we want to say thank you to all the incredible moms who continue to pick us up when we fall and encourage us to become the best versions of ourselves!

Happy Mother’s Day,

Kim Le