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The Ultimate PR Tactics from A Baby – The ROYAL Baby

Meghan Markle gave birth to little Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor last week and the entire world went WILD. The timing was impeccable, and the delivery was astonishing. Not only did they confirm she had gone into labor on Monday, but an hour later they confirmed it was a boy, on Instagram, of course. No leaks were made, giving them time to put the final touches on visuals before hitting “post” on good ol’ IG. My time spent as a publicist in Los Angeles, I can attest that this my friends was one well thought out PR plan. Archie’s premiere was a beautifully executed strategy, and they take the cake on hitting all of their KPI’s with this one. Let’s break down all the lessons we can learn from this genius PR move, and ultimately how to control the message.

Preparation is KEY:

This was no “let’s wing it” moment. Meghan and Harry knew exactly what they were getting themselves into and planned from the start. Their PR goddess of a representative even hid the announcement of her pregnancy – and when speculation started to stir, what did their mastery PR wizards do? Nothing. Instead, they waited a few days and announced the statement on their social media pages on the couples FIRST day of their first major extended international tour since the couple has wed – coincidence? I think not. The announcement went worldwide – not a bad way to ensure the launch of a 16-day royal tour of Australia, New Zealand, Tonga and Fiji was accompanied by good news and excitement – WOW.

Pick the platform – and know your audience:

Consumers these days are obsessed with anything social related – so why not give the people what they want? The Royals announced the news on their Instagram – and in April what did Henry and Meghan do? Oh, made their very OWN Instagram. Not only did they make their own Instagram – but that logo? OKAY, Duke and Duchess, we see you. To break it down, the logo is a combination of an H and an M, truly beautiful. Another theory – the blue background they went with (which is now being called “Sussex blue”), was clearly foreshadowing the gender reveal.

To even FURTHER breakdown their use in blasting this all over their Instagram account, let’s talk about their posts. The first post was taken at Windsor Castle, where the two wed almost a year ago. There was much discussion on how we were going to first lay eyes on the royal baby, and the most popular assumption was that the baby was going to be posed outside of the hospital as William and Kate did, and Charles and Diana before them. Instead of delivering a mediocre quality photo, these two knew their audience and went for the “Instagram worthy shot” – but the best part is we still didn’t know this royal baby’s name! So, here we are, waiting on pins and needles – and then BAM! What did these two do? Hit us with another “Instagram worthy shot” with the name reveal – and this time with the Queen of England, and the baby’s great grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh. Their way of keeping their fans engaged was remarkable, they were able to control the message and deliver a mic-drop worthy reveal.

Honesty matters:

Working at a public relations agency, we all know that honesty and transparency matter. As a public relations professional, we serve as gatekeepers of brands and are the link to the media for clients. We are always in the know when it comes to product announcements, company scandals, glitches, and everyday issues that may arise. But the importance always lies in delivering the message to the people in a perfect, and authentic way. The Royals did just that. They didn’t confirm or deny the rumors, they let them be just as they were – rumors. They never once told us a lie or fabricated their message, which was truly…well done.

And there you have it. A couple of PR lessons learned from not just any baby, the ROYAL baby.