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How Your Company Can Make Headlines in a News Slump

The summer news cycle can be a slow one. Unless your company is announcing a c-level hire, funding raise or new product, reporters are difficult to get ahold of. And who can blame them when the days are hot and the Fridays are short? Luckily, public relations professionals have a few tricks up our sleeves to keep our clients in the news no matter what season it is.

Create an Infographic

Infographics are fantastic visuals that help you showcase a process or a problem/solution scenario. What problem does your product or service solve? How can you visualize it in a compelling way? The media loves infographics that easily explain what we’re conveying to them in our pitches, and (if they’re visually appealing enough) are a great image they can add to their articles. If it’s a great infographic, the SEO from the article will help in search engine results and your company can run social media ads to extend the life of the article, increasing the number of eyeballs that come across it.

Commission a Survey

Whether you’re a franchise, an iPhone app or a food product, you have customers. And, like most people, your consumer probably loves talking about themselves. Leveraging a survey that dives into your consumer’s habits, backgrounds and preferences can be extremely valuable to your business and reporters, too. For instance, if a survey finds that 87% of your customers turn toward your product when they’re looking for a mood boost, you can learn how to scale your marketing to better target customers and conduct media outreach to health and wellness reporters. While surveys may come with a price tag, the ROI can be invaluable.

Take a Stance

Reporters love people who are willing to go against the grain and speak their mind. From a PR standpoint, we like to keep this focused on a company’s industry, as opposed to politics or religion. For instance, has a competitor recently gone public through an IPO? What do you think it says about the future of the industry? Do you think innovation should focus on customer acquisition instead of product development? How does that stack up next to your peers in the industry? Think of the status quo in every situation in your business and mull over where you agree, where your opinions differ and why. Reporters love a hot take on a fiery topic. But be sure to consult your publicist first!

 Apply for Awards

Research the types of award you’d like to receive based on your area of expertise. Common examples include Best Places to Work, Entrepreneur/CEO of the Year and Product of the Year. Winning an award may not slot you for the next cover of Forbes, but it will put your company on the map for trade publications and can increase your chances of securing future features.