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Writing a Relevant Blog Post

You read the headline correctly: this is a blog post about blog posts. We’re getting meta here.

As publicists, it is our goal to create content that resonates with our readers. Take, for instance, our very own humble blog. We use Konnect Daily to share relevant information about our industry and to connect with you, dear reader. If you are looking to do the same with your own peers, here are a few key steps that will help you craft posts that are worth your audience’s while.

Identify what is going on in the world around you.

This digitally connected world is an ever-changing, fast-paced place, and each minute there are new stories that take over the news cycle and our attention. When curating your own content, it’s beneficial to scan the news cycle and ensure you are not competing against any hard-hitting news. If a story is taking the internet by storm and you have an opinion on the topic, insert yourself into the conversation and write about it! (If the subject is a controversial one, consult your PR professional before writing or posting. Trust us on this.)

Confirm that your topic relates to the readers you are speaking to.

Identify your audience. Are you targeting a group of industry professionals? Which industry? Where do they spend their time? What’s important to them? If you’re not targeting a specific industry, then identify which audience you’d most like to reach. Is it millennials or baby boomers? You want your blog to speak to your audience directly, so based on your answers to these questions, make sure you relate your feature back to your audience’s interests. Your blog is only as valuable as the takeaways you provide for your readers — whether that’s advice on how to run a company or something fun they can bring up with friends over dinner that night.

Keep it concise!

Don’t get carried away. Ensure you have a newsworthy, relevant and highly engaging post by keeping your ideas clear and concise. If you ramble, even if it relates back to your overarching topic, you’re more likely to lose your readers along the way. Plan in advance with an outline to make sure you hit the key points that relate to your readers, while also keeping your content exciting and digestible!

Now, good luck and get writing!

-Liz Duggan