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Three Ways for Brands to Make a Splash on a National Holiday

We’ve all seen the social posts, ranging from pizza slices for National Cheese Pizza Day to people snapping a selfie with their dog or cat for National Pet Day; people simple love an excuse to celebrate. While “national holidays” are a win for franchise PR firms – as these dedicated days tend to give franchisees the opportunity to offer a promotion with the hope to obtain new customers – they are a bit tougher for those in the CPG food and beverage world.

But while celebratory days such as National Garlic Day or National Rice Month exist, how does one leverage this in the CPG space? As publicists and partners with you in business, that’s where food and beverage public relations firms come in to play! Below are some examples of how to win over media and consumers alike to build buzz for a national holiday.

Think outside of the box
Did you know that July 31 was National Avocado Day? While the beloved millennial fruit gets much attention for its increase in prices to avocado toast monopolizing our Instagram feeds, coverage surrounding the avocado-centric holiday in years past involved free guacamole promotions at Chipotle or an LTO burger launch at Carl’s Jr., to name a few. As our client, Chosen Foods – the avocado-centric brand that delivers sustainably-sourced, clean nourishment while never sacrificing on great taste – has a base of avocado oil in its products, we knew we wanted to embrace this day and make a splash. In a time of collaboration with our client, we came up with something exciting: a chance to win your very own avocado grove in Mexico – much, much better than a BOGO deal on Amazon.

What avocado lover wouldn’t want their own grove? With this opportunity, we as food and beverage publicists had something different to pitch to our media friendlies and create new ones.

Chosen Foods National Avocado Day Campaign

Have a killer media list and do your homework
Our job as publicists is to pitch the media and form long-lasting relationships. If you think you have an overwhelming inbox, multiply what you get in a day, multiplied by 20 and that’s most likely the mail that a journalist will get. So how do you become a thoughtful publicist to the media, but a great partner for a brand? Do your research!

When building a media list it’s important to not only have the outlets that you think would be a good fit for the brand or ones that a client has on their wishlist but publications that actually will cover it – because let’s face it: no one likes an irrelevant email. If you’re the type that likes to plan out your lists ahead make sure you focus on what would be a win for the following: the brand, the agency and you as a publicist. If you have that covered, pitching shouldn’t be as overwhelming. Plus, make sure you think about the person you’re pitching — sure they might love your brand, but in the case of Chosen Foods’ avocado grove giveaway, is this something that the reporter and its readers would find interesting or something that they have to do ASAP? If you can’t answer that question or something similar to that, then maybe they’re not worth pitching!

Leverage the win
In the case of Chosen Foods and its avocado giveaway, on top of reaching a third of a billion impressions from its media coverage, the avocado oil brand had something else to celebrate: more than 50,000 emails. This means that they could reach new, potential customers and turn them into returning ones.

But that’s not the only thing brands can do. So your public relations agency got a killer placement. Congrats! Make sure you share that on social media, with the larger company or in your newsletter. Help spread the wealth of reaching more people and bringing awareness to the innovative and creative results you’ve garnered.

And those are three ways that brands and publicists can learn from a national holiday… clearly, this goes beyond having an excuse to share a picture of your best friend for National Best Friend Day.

Happy “holidays,”